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        news center

        news center
        Sales elite Ma Futao: gate-crashers celebrated markets
        Release time:2016-06-15        writer:Liu Xuesheng

        because the job is busy, contact Ma Futao didn't know that he is still in the outside contact sales for the company, so I had to do to master ma a brief telephone interview.

        In asked about what was his latest sales breakthrough, his fellow replied "I don't have any special place, just do a good job I should do", and then he introduced me to the sales now.

        in his and the team's efforts, the success of contributed to amd gen yuan company power battery business cooperation with nanjing jinlong bus company, annual contract to 87540 cars. Jinlong car company car sales last year was vehicle, auto industry key enterprises. Through Ma Futao and its team collaboration, amd gen yuan company has now become the nanjing jinlong company's strategic partner and supplier of choice for power battery. It already opened the door of the auto industry power battery, and won the trust of the other car companies, at the same time also paved the way for the cooperation with xiamen golden dragon head office.

        Although some of the current state of battery technology policy, part of the project on hold, but there is still cooperation with jinlong company ten announcement passed the approval of the ministry, which means amd gen yuan company of these projects has been in the industry to occupy the initiative. At the same time, some new materials technology and open new markets for the company, Ma Futao and his team have been carved out of a lot of the market.