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        news center
        Comprehensive office Xia Zhixin: industrious old driver
        Release time:2016-06-16        writer:Liu xuesheng

        Xia Zhixin master,is43 jobs at amd chong yuan company as a driver has lasted for five years.Department colleagues all like to call him "fat", because he is a burly, often give people a feeling of steady and reliable.

        In the past5years, summer master told me, basic can use the "ready" to describe his work. Because amd gen yuan many departments of the company needs to be onsite and many domestic and foreign customers also need company leaders to Ann sent around, and this work is by the teacher in the summer of companies such as the driver. He said that as long as the company arranged for me to go, when there is no problem, and ride in his car colleagues don't rate his low, think he treats people the enthusiasm, is sincere, even if let him drive time is late and never complain. Sometimes last month, for example, arrange the task of the car are night8more points, he was happy to accept the leadership arrangement task, excellent finish the work on time.

        In interview, he is checking the performance of the vehicle, he said: "I want to ensure that the performance of the vehicle are the best, so as to ensure the task is complete, less trouble." He is such a person, not say what grandiloquence, will only use the steadfast to cash to the company's commitment to complete the task. Although he is only an ordinary driver, but ordinary jobs can also do extraordinary work.