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        news center

        news center
        Equipment maintenance department Zhang Junwen: the black horse "technology" in the company equipment maintenance team
        Release time:2016-06-23        writer:Liu xuesheng

        Zhang Junwen master is a equipment maintenance engineer, batteries workshop extremely good timely find problems in work and organize team to solve.

        Have been heard about teacher zhang long, but not seen, today finally met him, accompanied by TV reporter to interview. Zhang Junwen in amd gen yuan company already has more than three years, especially in the equipment maintenance department. Because of his work in the department for a long time, and all kinds of mechanical equipment is proficient in this industry, so have what problem can always be found in time, so as to avoid negative effects on the normal production of the next procedure.

        In response to a reporter's understanding of originality spirit this question, zhang master hanhou smiled and replied: "the word with some big, I answer is not very good, but I understand a truth, that is their own work must be completed. Only good intentions can solve any problem to complete, read it, so as to better contribute to the company an own strength." He then for me an example of a concrete example: recent workshop automatic packaging line fault occurs, a top kill not neat, the top sealing side seal area size, make the battery is different, this greatly affected the product quality and the production of a part. Zhang Junwen lead the maintenance team, work overtime for half a month to finally solve the failure of the assembly line, so as to save cost about $200000 for the company.