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        news center

        news center
        Ai-bin Chen plan material control department: diligent and industrious
        Release time:2016-06-28        writer:Liu xuesheng
        Ai-bin Chen teacher is amd gen yuan. The company plans a warehouse keeper of EB warehouse, to the company for the production line and foreign manufacturers to supply raw materials and accessories. At the time of interview him, the entire EB warehouse garage you administrator in the hectic work. In master Chen work during the interval, for a simple interview. Facing the desk thick supplier list and other documents, I asked: "teacher, Chen you every day to sign for so many documents?" He walked over, said: "yes, but not one day, but every day, and you can see this is only a small part of."

        Moreover, Chen teacher in order to avoid error, because the warehouse supply at least twice each day is a review of data. At the same time due to the warehouse in order to avoid repeat delivery lead to affect the company's normal production, he every day to supply all kinds of raw materials and accessories list, with supply list one by one check, to avoid the delivery errors.

        Just because he is extremely serious and responsible spirit, this to the work and colleagues at work have problems like to discuss with him. One of his colleagues told me a story about his little: they early meeting every week, at a time because of the weather reason, he was late for a few minutes. According to the regulations of the company, which is to carry on the fine. Colleagues thought he was late this time also does not affect production, it is not necessary to a fine. But he said: "each one of us is like a component, and the company is like a machine. The machine can work well, depends on each of the parts. The company's discipline is let us the assurance of every component can run better, so I today since the penalty."

        Because of this like so many little things, let the teacher Chen increasingly becomes the most authority in the warehouse model, he also deeply affect the colleagues of the company.