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        news center

        news center
        Production workshop chang loo Lin: careful seriously hard work
        Release time:2016-07-07        writer:Liu xuesheng

        Chang loo Lin this year 26 years old, in the amd chong yuan production workshop work for more than two years. In this more than two years, he has been hold on production of post, from when I first got into the factory for equipment are not very familiar with, to master the plate making technology now good staff, he spent more than two full years. This more than two years since, he has been to work with your heart. He told me that he believed in a word, that is "use sincerely for genuine". He asked me to make a simple example: "the machine is just like a person, you are not serious about it, it won't seriously to you; you don't care about it, it returns to your nature is churning out."

        It was because he was careful to work seriously, dare to bear the responsibility to work. Made him not only to do a good job at the same time, also has the ability to repair production equipment failure. Such as drop, straight edge is relatively high frequency of failure, he is now fully their own independent solve. And exception classes like cylinder fault, with only the sounds of our equipment run-time anomalies, can be ruled out, and solve on their own.

        This process of battery production, due to the nature of work, requires operators extremely careful seriously. Operating personnel in check carefully whether the plate after cutting all kinds of damage or defects, also picked up. So this request in confess I work at the same time, also put forward higher requirements, operators need to think if there is any better ways to reduce the rate of incomplete. Through improvement of chang loo Lin, now can make the product defect rates greatly degraded, and even scrap rate by 20-30 pieces every day, can reduce to eight pieces. Also it is these little things, for the company to reduce costs at the same time, also greatly improved the personal professional.