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        news center
        Honest honest amd Jiang Loulou "hua mu LAN" - batteries workshop
        Release time:2016-07-09        writer:CHAOWEI CHUANGYUAN

        Jiang Loulou batteries workshop of a material delivery workers, smile is very simple. Generally the jobs are mostly male employees, because must carry a large number of goods, so the demand for energy is higher, so the workshop colleagues like to call her "mulan". On physical quality requirements higher, at the same time also need to work must be carefully earnestly.

        As for the production of batteries, battery production line is very important one link, and for the production of batteries deliver material is Paramount. If the material delivery errors, will make the whole battery production line greatly affected. Such as transport highly ear or diaphragm from the warehouse, must determine the photogenic corresponding specification is the current production line. If not taken, different specifications of the diaphragm or ear to the workshop, and these differences to the naked eye cannot identify out wrong extremely ear or diaphragm was sent to production line, the product of consequence is unimaginable.

        Her colleagues once joked that her popularity is very good. Warehouse of the elder sister said: "I don't work for warehouse for too long, a lot of material and put the name of all don't know, basic it is lulu told me, and give me explain these professional knowledge." Some colleagues on the assembly line is busy, don't have much time to charge the meal card, she also often do. It is these little things in the work, accumulated over time, let her in the heart of her colleagues are increasingly high.