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        news center
        EV Zhang Jianlong assembly workshop: professional conscientiousness "generalists"
        Release time:2016-07-11        writer:CHAOWEI CHUANGYUAN

        In amd gen yuan EV on the assembly line, as a big brother Zhang Jianlong with exquisite technology and strict style of work to inspire each around a colleague.

        See Zhang Jianlong, he just into the company's employees are handy for maintenance processes of the battery. "Battery maintenance must be done, if the repair is not in place, it will affect the company's reputation", he do the demonstration, while the technical essentials tell surrounded by new employees.

        Zhang Jianlong through applying into the company in 2014, became a EV workshop assembly workers. Face the unfamiliar work, he secretly determined: when the workers will be a good worker, work is going to do a sample. To that end, he strictly in accordance with the process standards prescribed by the company, summarize learned from the Lao shifu detection technology and packaging technology.

        His chief of a section is particularly impressive to him. "Our work, looks simple, but it is difficult, should be master Zhang Jianlong is one of our model. A few months before the product order is more, in order to catch the production schedule, the whole workshop to work overtime, often have to work overtime to more than 10 points. The whole section in a master in work overtime of time, by the machine hand scratched a 4 cm hole, I let him go to a hospital seam, but he insisted on finished again. Herself up with a tape around the work, then work at night, such as hand has swollen like a peach."

        Like this story, there are many industrious Zhang Jianlong is like this, day after day shuttle in each section, at any time to provide colleagues with all kinds of help.