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        news center
        The fastest Xu Gongxia inspection "stars" - workshop
        Release time:2016-07-14        writer:

        "I should not be the best, but I like my job, has been working very hard in doing", Xu Gongxia said of himself. Words are simple, but also explained the him and his work. Since February, her in my factory, basic is perfect attendance each month, every day together and testing equipment, is the "TieXinRen" of testing equipment.

        Xu Gongxia amd chong yuan is a detection workers, responsible for batteries testing, a shift to detect more than 10000 pieces of batteries.

        Detection of batteries is extremely important one link in the production of batteries. Mention Xu Gongxia, many colleagues will be replied in unison, she is a real good man. Workshop on somebody in don't understand the problems in the work, as long as find her, she will always be dedicated to helping solve. When testing equipment failure, she would study any possible solution first, and then cooperate with colleagues is responsible for the maintenance of equipment.

        "Testing batteries work relatively drab, every day is repeat that a few movements, most just from the test equipment to the testing equipment. But we all have a hot heart, doing work high efficiency", Xu Gongxia leader said of his own team.

        One hour of communication, Xu Gongxia humility throughout. "Packaging group is my home, workshop model I really generous, but I'll do a good employee, whether now or in the future, will try my best to do everything."