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        news center

        news center
        "Down the mountain tiger" Zhang Meng of Marketing Department
        Release time:2016-08-10        writer:CHAOWEI CHUANGYUAN

        Mention Zhang Meng, he is always in amd capable gen yuan company Marketing Department went to work, is famous work highly effective. Colleagues impression of him is always a sunny face, very vigorous.

        Recent through company coordinate with his own efforts, successfully completed the hebei red star 5029 models of the installation of the amd ternary lithium battery sample test work. And shall make a public announcement in July and the success of the declaration. Expect the next YueGong ministry will release in the 286th batch of road motor vehicle production enterprises and products catalog. The success will be late for volume production of this battery work provides full and useful support. In his butt in August the shandong liaocheng zhongtong coach (bus companies domestic ranked second in 2016) of logistics project, ternary lithium electricity technology docking success. The project's future success will be late, amd gen yuan lithium iron phosphate batteries into a line of domestic passenger car companies lay a solid foundation.