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        news center

        news center
        "Never delay production" - Lv Huaqin packaging workshop
        Release time:2016-08-16        writer:CHAOWEI CHUANGYUAN

        In amd gen yuan company packaging line, as this section of the oldest Lv Huaqin with their superb technology and helpful style to inspire everyone around.

        See Lv Huaqin, he is in hand and demonstration for the new employees operation procedures of the seal housing. He do the demonstration, the technical essentials tell new employees.

        Two years ago, Lv Huaqin through applying into the company, as a package. In the face of unfamiliar work, he secretly made up his mind to: no matter what work, a way out to dry. To that end, he strictly in accordance with the process standards prescribed by the company, summarize learned from Lao shifu technology, constantly enhance the level of business.

        In the past more than two years. He has now become the section on "talent", a handful of technology not only its technology is good, high level, but also for the company out of a lot of post operation. It is with so many like lu teacher for serious and responsible work, enthusiastic help on work colleagues, to make our amd gen yuan family warm and harmonious.