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        news center

        news center
        Never bow to difficulties - remember picking member TuJianFeng assembly workshop
        Release time:2016-08-17        writer:CHAOWEI CHUANGYUAN

        "Be careful, tu teacher."

        "It's okay, I had to send the battery in the past, they are still waiting for me."

        In the assembly in the workshop, often can hear this conversation. In April, TuJianFeng apply into amd gen yuan company, became a acquisition.

        "Just to remember at that time, because there is no experience, encounter things, more is always hectic, yao can find battery for a while, but I have to spend a long time to find, really waste a lot of colleague's time." When it comes to just days in gen yuan company, TuJianFeng leaking slightly guilty on his face. "Just come, I think picking member is workshop quote me what, what I will go to the show. But the real dry up, there are still a lot of different situations."

        Although TuJianFeng not anyone starting a new job, but in the face of the work a lot of unexpected situation, sometimes their ideas with the actual or some disconnect. Owing to the large assembly workshop production tasks often tight, so the employee is hard. TuJianFeng also has been dithering, "at that time, the in the mind really worry, but think others can do a good job picking work, why can't I? I'm the tallest man, I must insist on down. So, I every day in the morning to work an hour early than others to the company, is also put off from work at night, the time is long, the working process of the acquisition part I also slowly straighten out."

        Originally in the assembly in the workshop, every day picking member trailer to manually copy 15 tons of batteries, a lot of people heard the digital light will hang back. But not tu teacher, he has been to use their own actions to deliver a perfect answer.