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        news center

        news center
        Hold the homogenate workers - Shen Bo springs
        Release time:2016-08-19        writer:CHAOWEI CHUANGYUAN

        Homogenate process is the first working procedure lithium battery production, so the stand or fall of homogenate work directly affects the quality of the whole process, is extremely important for the whole production process.

        Mention homogenate, lithium battery manufacturing industry knows that its work environment is not very good, the dust is bigger. But even so, Shen Bo springs can still finish the work in good order, perfect.

        On March 16, 2016,Shen Bo springs apply to amd gen yuan company. Although he entry soon, to accept new things quickly, strong understanding ability. Treat everyday work, he is committed, efficiency is higher.

        In July due to production is increasing, so the workload increases a lot. Foreman, Mr. Wang asked him: "now added production, the main task is, you can finish the task?" He walked over to say: "all right, Mr. Wang, ensure to complete the task." In the days that followed, his work with great enthusiasm to work overtime every day. It is because the master shen and numerous efforts of employees, that made many times the workshop production task is completed.