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        Technical Parameters

        System energy:31.08kWh

        Material series:three-element composite

        Cell:12Ah NCM

        Standard charging:0.2C,6~8hours

        Nominal voltage:370VV

        Quick charging:0.35C,around 3hours

        Advantages of energy battery system

        1. Customization:to provide customizatiation services on exploiting battery box and make sure that entire vehicle owns optimization of general layout

        2. Higher level of security and protection: design of multiple security and protection and make sure that entire vehicle works safely and be operated reliably

        3. Longer endurance mileage: increases endurance mileage of entire vehicle effectively with cell of high energy density and lightweight structural design High energy style pouch forming for NCM lithium-ion battery is so high on energy density sector165WH/KG

        4.Longer life cycle:meets this requirement for life circle of the battery,such as 8 years or 120000 kilometers.The calendar life of battery system would be up to 8 years, and calendar life of signal cell would be more than 10 years in normal temperature,mechanical design of battery box meets the standard ISO/DIS 12405-3:2013

        5. Perfect adaptability to environment: IP67 protection and waterproof,work perfectly in hign and cold regions and even the temperature is around -20℃

        Specific Introduction

        370V84Ah Model:electric vehicle
        system energy 31.08kWh material three-element composite
        cell 12Ah NCM standard charging 0.2C,6~8hour
        Nominal voltage 370V quick charging 0.35C,approximately 3hours
        Operating temperature range -20~55℃ max discharge rate 1C /1.8C,30s
        Protection level IP67 Communication interface CAN
        Weight 280kg System component Abox+Bbox+Cbox
        Working voltage range 300V~420V Serial and parallel structure 7P100S