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        Technical Parameters

        Battery size:108*72*24mm

        Cell:lithium-polymer cell


        Cell capacity:10400mAh

        Working temperature:-10℃-45℃

        Charging time:6 hours

        Product Features

        1 Making use of Samsung 18650 cell

        2 Adopting ergonomics to design its appearance through adequate consideration,it also has lighting function

        3 Employing LCD display screen,it could display the electric quantity and discharging and charging status exactly

        4 Adopting highly efficient design concept on circuit board,it could improve transfer efficiency,saving energy and environmental-friendly.

        5 Making use of high-grade packaging design,it could be given away as a gift and underlines your commercial temperament

        Specific Introduction

        Product type MN0510MK Porduct size 108*72*24mm
        Cell capacity 10400mAh Cell Lithium-polymer cell
        Weight 242g Input interface Micro USB
        Working temperature -20℃ to -45℃ Output interface Standard USB
        Charging voltage range 5.0±0.25V Charging time 6 hours
        Life cycle >600 times