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        Technical Parameters

        Battery size:124*60*8mm



        Cell capacity:3700mAh

        Working temperature:-20℃-45℃

        Charging time:6 hours

        Product Features

        1 Ultra-thin design,handing control convinently,its thickness is merely 8mm

        2 With laser pointer function,it would underline your commercial temperament

        3 Employed EL display technology,?proprietary?technology

        4 Making use of stainless steel as its shell,production technology for famous brand watch

        5 Adopting multiple intelligent prevention and protection design,so it has many protection functions,such as short circuit prevention,limited current and so on

        Specific Introduction

        Type MN0505MS Battery size 124*60*8mm
        Nominal capacity 3700mAh Cell Li-polymer
        Weight 180g Input interface Micro USB
        Working temperature -20℃ to -40℃ Output interface Standard USB
        Charging voltage range 5.0±0.25V Charging time 6 hours
        Life cycle >300 times