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        Service center

        Service system

        Service system

        Improving customer satisfaction and trust of our products

        Customer feedback process

        1, customer feedback problems by customer service department and the relevant information are recorded, EV battery problems need to fill in the feedback processing form;

        2, EB battery problems directly by the customer service department or agent to arrange local service center for repair processing;

        3, EV battery problem by the technical department according to the customer service department to provide the related information of battery failure reasons were analyzed, and the treatment scheme and breakdown maintenance operation method, special circumstances need to issue the corresponding 8 d report;


        Dealers Join

        For a comprehensive understanding of agent company management idea, outlook, advantages and technical content, sales channels and after-sales service, etc., sincerely welcome the agent to the company and the factory field trips.

        Company provided free of charge for the business agent the necessary technical training and technical advisory services, provide free product catalogue and promotional materials, etc.

        Companies in China in major large sums of advertising media, agent in order to better develop the market.

        Company as the agent is not introduced preferential policies on a regular basis

        Company to the agent price for agent.


        Battery knowledge


        1, must use li-ion battery charger to charge; Informal or unqualified charger may lead to shorten the battery life or battery failure!

        2, completely discharge the battery stops (electric bicycle), can be filled with more than 95% in 5 hours of electricity, 8 hours filling the electricity 100%.

        3, charging, banned direct contact with metal is negative at both ends.

        4, completely discharge the battery stops (electric bicycle), can be filled with more than 95% in 5 hours of electricity, 8 hours filling the electricity 100%.

        5, manufactured products, point load quantity is about 80%, the new product should be added before use electric 3 ~ 10 h.

        6, please charge in time, to ensure the mileage.

        7, in the process of charging, the charger may have a fever, as long as the temperature is not more than 60 ℃, that is normal.

        8, when charging, please put the charger and battery to stable, dry, no inflammable, explosive, and out of the reach of children.

        9, after the battery fully discharge must be within 24 hours to recharge the battery, and charging time at least 3 hours.

        10, charging mouth should not be subject to short circuit.

        Discharge (use)

        1, this product can only be used for electric bicycle, shall not be used for other purposes.

        2, this product built-in protection circuit, for the operation of the electric current, battery charging and discharging voltage has several parameters, such as detection and control. Each protection circuit for a particular model set, so it is not recommended to use this battery in addition to the models of form a complete set of other models. If you want to the battery is used for other models (such as use lead-acid batteries or other type of models of lithium ion batteries), please consult the company's professional service agencies, in order to avoid damage to the battery.

        3, once the short circuit, the battery can automatic protection, about 2 minutes after you cancel the short circuit, the battery will remove protection, the battery can work normally.

        4, electric vehicle controller, motors, speakers, lighting equipment damage or configuration is not reasonable, all can lead to large current discharge battery, the battery will also be a protective stop output, but will be back in 10 seconds, ride for you will not have any impact.

        5, this product is suitable temperature range: - 10 ℃ to 55 ℃. As like all the other battery, with the decreasing of the temperature, the battery can use energy decreases, belongs to the normal phenomenon.

        6, discharge port should not be subject to short circuit.


        1, if you need long time storage (more than a month), suggested that charging to 60% to 80% of the electricity is stored; Stored during every three months to repair electric, also need to repair electric battery before use.

        2, this product should be placed in a cool, dry environment preservation.

        3, storage should be avoided in the process of conducting objects across the electrodes will be directly connected.

        4, ban use the battery near the fire.

        5, disassemble this battery is prohibited.

        6, banning this battery to be modified.

        To inform

        1, this product should be designated by the company professional maintenance personnel or the company's maintenance department, if you open the battery shell by oneself, the warranty service will be terminated.

        2, since you to open the battery shell, or for any problems caused by the battery to be modified, the company is not responsible for.

        3, if discover battery deformation or fever, should stop to use, and to the company or the maintenance department for help.

        4, such as a fire, do not use water directly to this battery fire extinguishing, the proposal USES sand covering, foam fire extinguisher and thick cloth soaked with water and the fire extinguishing methods of dealing with organic solvent.

        5, since there is no timely to completely discharge the battery charging battery caused by fault, the company is not responsible for.

        6, forbid to dispose this product.


        Sales network

        • Sales network
        • Do you want to save your position?
        • Beijing


































        • BeijingChen Liwei

          Tel: 18911358696

          Address: Beijing Wanshi Purchase Information Technology co.,LTD

          BeijingQin Yanlei

          Tel: 18610351988

          Address: Changping agent Qin Yanlei

          BeijingZhang Youjing

          Tel: 15210678786

          Address: Shunyi agent Zhang Youjing

          TianjinLi Weixin

          Tel: 13672179996

          Address: Tianjin Lebang Brother Trade co.,LTD

          TianjinHan Yucheng

          Tel: 13902116158

          Address: Jinghai Han Yucheng

          TianjinZhang Shubai

          Tel: 13602197505

          Address: Baodi Zhang Deyun

          TianjinWang Jiantao

          Tel: 18698019366

          Address: Tianjin Baiche Vehicle Trade co., LTD

          ShanghaiXu Wen

          Tel: 13918660738

          Address: Shanghai Xiaoda Trade co., LTD

          ShanghaiXu Wen

          Tel: 13918660738

          Address: Shanghai agent Xu Wen

          ShanghaiTang Guangrong

          Tel: 13651666819

          Address: Shanghai RONGZHENG Industrial co.,LTD

          ShanghaiHuang Xiaobin

          Tel: 13701924494

          Address: Shanghai QINHE Refrigeration Equipment co.,LTD

          JiangsuGu Liuzhan

          Tel: 15539339998

          Address: Nanjing agent Gu Liuzhan

          JiangsuGu Liuzhan

          Tel: 15539339998

          Address: Nanjing Jia Zhiyin

          JiangsuYe Ting

          Tel: 15539339998

          Address: Nanjing Gold TENGLONG Trade co., LTD

          JiangsuGong Gang

          Tel: 15539339998

          Address: Nanjing TAIHE electric sales co., LTD

          JiangsuZhou Jianxin

          Tel: 13205281022

          Address: Wuxi agent Zhou Jianxin

          JiangsuZhu Geping

          Tel: 13921293535

          Address: Wuxi SHENYUN science and technology development co., LTD

          JiangsuLi Jiwen

          Tel: 15951276719

          Address: Zhenjiang SANLI energy science and technology co., LTD

          JiangsuGu Jian-hua

          Tel: 13004556818

          Address: Suzhou agent Gu Jian-hua

          JiangsuYang Zhongbing

          Tel: 13906266172

          Address: Kunshan agent Yang Zhongbing

          JiangsuYang Zhongbing

          Tel: 13906266172

          Address: Yang Zhongbing

          JiangsuMing-shan Wang

          Tel: 13852574150

          Address: Yangzhou agent Ming-shan Wang

          JiangsuGao Yong

          Tel: 13935205175

          Address: Xuzhou agent Gao Yong

          JiangsuLi Jinjiang

          Tel: 13291038858

          Address: Jia wang Li Jinjiang.

          JiangsuZhang Qiang

          Tel: 15190741858

          Address: Jiangsu Vehicle industry co., LTD.

          JiangsuGan Yunyun

          Tel: 18061105012

          Address: Xinyi city dreamhao trade co., LTD

          JiangsuHui-chun Liu

          Tel: 18121647287

          Address: Huaian Hui-chun Liu

          JiangsuWang Haibo

          Tel: 15952337228

          Address: Lianshui Wang Haibo

          JiangsuYan Yuwen

          Tel: 13757252383

          Address: Changzhou agent Yan YuWen

          JiangsuYan Yuwen

          Tel: 13757252383

          Address: Changzhou agent Yan YuWen

          JiangsuYu Lijun

          Tel: 15061074220

          Address: Jingjiang agent Yu Lijun

          JiangsuLu Xuchu

          Tel: 13857933039

          Address: Nantong agent Lu Xuchu

          JiangsuMin Yubo

          Tel: 15961915288

          Address: Binhai agent Min Yubo

          ZhejiangShen Bin

          Tel: 13173636740

          Address: Hangzhou agent Shen Bin

          ZhejiangChen Xiaoyun

          Tel: 15958765019

          Address: Wenzhou Chen Xiaoyun

          ZhejiangWei Yipin

          Tel: 13157907222

          Address: Yongkang Wei Yipin

          ZhejiangBao Yaocheng

          Tel: 15721462608

          Address: Jinhua Bao Yaocheng

          ZhejiangZhang Tao

          Tel: 13738524567

          Address: Taizhou JinRu vehicle industry co., LTD

          FujianWang Qing

          Tel: 13788875851

          Address: Fuzhou Wang Qing

          FujianZhan Yong

          Tel: 13362222777

          Address: Fuzhou agent Zhan Yong

          FujianYin Xueqiang

          Tel: 18259055666

          Address: Fuzhou Yin Xueqiang

          GuangdongLi Erming

          Tel: 18664618288

          Address: South Guangzhou agent Li Erming

          GuangdongGan Sheng

          Tel: 13434211039

          Address: Baiyun districtGuohui Gan

          GuangdongMa Lingmin

          Tel: 18620151593

          Address: Guangzhou Ma Lingmin

          GuangdongZhang Siying

          Tel: 13724511682

          Address: Dongguan agent Zhang Siying

          GuangdongQiang Fangming

          Tel: 13412309088

          Address: Dongguan agent Qiang Fangming

          GuangdongDeng Xianfeng

          Tel: 13420727158

          Address: Foshan Deng Xianfeng

          GuangdongHu Xinghui

          Tel: 18824989658

          Address: Zhongshan agent Gao Xia

          GuangdongDeng Zhenxiang

          Tel: 18933239444

          Address: Boluo Deng Zhenxiang

          GuangdongChen Qingjiang

          Tel: 13502952274

          Address: Shantou Chen Qingjiang

          HunanXiaoliang Zhang

          Tel: 18773112286

          Address: Changsha agent Xiaoliang Zhang

          HunanXie Caihong

          Tel: 13975500477

          Address: Bingzhou agent Xie Caihong

          GuangxiGuanying Huang

          Tel: 13978655210

          Address: Nanning Guanying Huang

          GuangxiGuanying Huang

          Tel: 13978655210

          Address: Nanning Kuanying Huang

          SichuanYan Hongjian

          Tel: 18628058833

          Address: Chengdu Jiang Jianxin

          SichuanYang Youchuan

          Tel: 18283434010

          Address: Xichang Yang Youchuan

          GuizhouZhou Keqin

          Tel: 13628562080

          Address: Guiyang Zhou Keqin

          HenanZhao Ming /Zhao Li

          Tel: 18739927159/13937136758

          Address: Zhengzhou XUPAI trade co., LTD

          HenanDing Yongyong

          Tel: 18603825820

          Address: Zhenzhou Ding Yongyong

          HenanLi Falu

          Tel: 15903738096

          Address: Xinxiang agent Li Falu

          HenanZhang Deyang

          Tel: 13569209475

          Address: Nanyang Zhang Deyang

          HenanSong Hua

          Tel: 15036227721

          Address: Nanyang Song Hua

          HenanWang Caixia

          Tel: 13323880183

          Address: Luoyang Wang Caixia

          HenanRong Hongjun

          Tel: 15838845589

          Address: Luoyang Rong Hongjun

          HenanWang Ruijun

          Tel: 13273936675

          Address: Puyang Wang Ruijun

          ShandongLi Xiong

          Tel: 15965867873

          Address: Heze Li Xiong

          ShandongShan Hongsheng

          Tel: 18678600022

          Address: Dongming agent Shan Hongsheng

          ShandongSun Hongxia

          Tel: 18663756552

          Address: Shandong QIXIAOXIONG new energy technology co., LTD

          ShandongWang Taishan

          Tel: 18661488716

          Address: Pingdu Wang Taishan

          ShandongShiqiang Liu

          Tel: 15092206888

          Address: Jiaozhou Shiqiang Liu

          ShandongZhang Qianjin

          Tel: 15254457406/13589561436

          Address: Zibo agent Zhang Qianjin

          ShandongZhao Yanhai

          Tel: 15853402193

          Address: Dezhou Zhao Yanhai

          ShandongLi Honglan

          Tel: 13953415846

          Address: Yucheng Li Honglan

          ShandongDai Xinhai

          Tel: 18678669616

          Address: Dongying SHIDA tongda oil technology co., LTD

          ShandongDai Xinhai

          Tel: 15506644699

          Address: Yantai JIAHE electronic technology co., LTD

          ShandongDong Fengjing

          Tel: 13792619680

          Address: Weifang Dong Fengjing

          ShandongQiu Minghui

          Tel: 13562707168

          Address: Qufu Qiu Minghui

          ShandongLi Yanjie

          Tel: 15166483254

          Address: Taian Li Yanjie

          ShandongWang Peng

          Tel: 13953924068

          Address: Linyi Wang Peng

          ShandongLi Tingying

          Tel: 15866669098

          Address: Binzhou Li Tingyin

          ShandongWang Wenhu

          Tel: 13468356579

          Address: Rizhao Wang Wenhu

          ShandongWang Wenhu

          Tel: 13468356579

          Address: Shandong YUAI electric technology co., LTD

          ShandongWang Weifeng

          Tel: 18265585111

          Address: Liaocheng HUADIAN power supplies trade co., LTD

          ShandongZhang Hui

          Tel: 18115737808

          Address: Zaozhaung Zhang Hui

          AnhuiLi Liwen

          Tel: 15605699249

          Address: Hefei Li Liwen

          AnhuiLi Yinghai

          Tel: 13500507180

          Address: Hefei Li Yinghai

          AnhuiQian Qiangbao

          Tel: 13155358052

          Address: Maanshan Qian Qiangbao

          AnhuiXian Daoping

          Tel: 13625528588

          Address: Guzhen Xian Daoping

          HubeiXiong Fan

          Tel: 13720377007

          Address: Wuhan Xiong Fan (Jiangnan)

           Zhou Hongli

          Tel: 15327388841

          Address: Wuhan Zhou Hongli (Jiangnan)

          HubeiZong Aiqiong

          Tel: 15071493680

          Address: Wuhan TIANCHENG weiye logistics co., LTD

          HubeiZhang Xueliang

          Tel: 13907232271

          Address: Huangzhi Zhang Xueliang

          ShanxiFan Guohua

          Tel: 13870987173

          Address: Nancahng Fan Guohua

          ShanxiXiong Meili

          Tel: 18879188865

          Address: Nanchang Xiong Meili

          ShanxiXu Rengui

          Tel: 15879338653

          Address: Shangrao Xu Rengui

          ShanxiPan Liang

          Tel: 13060387811

          Address: Xian Pan Liang

          ShanxiZhang Xiuling

          Tel: 18367213593

          Address: Xian Zhang Xiuling

          ShanxiJiang Ling


          Address: Xi'an Jiang Ling

          HebeiLu Zhiqiang

          Tel: 18631009951

          Address: Shijiazhuang WANGYING trading co., LTD

          HebeiLu Zhiqiang

          Tel: 18631009951

          Address: Hebei ZHONGNIU trade co., LTD

           Yang Xinghua

          Tel: 18630139889

          Address: Shijiazhuang agent Zhiqiang Wen

          HebeiLi Shenghong

          Tel: 15732210777

          Address: Baoding agency Li Gongsheng

          HebeiSong Ruiqin

          Tel: 13582446286

          Address: Zhangjiakou agent Song Ruiqin

          HebeiLidong Wang

          Tel: 18832591502

          Address: Tangshan Lidong Wang

          HebeiLiu Fulan

          Tel: 13933349595

          Address: Lunan Liu Fulan

          HebeiJin Shuchang Zhao Shuqi

          Tel: 13930601803/13930601903

          Address: Langfang agent

          HebeiYuan Jianqiang

          Tel: 13363169586

          Address: Bazhou integrity of mechanical and electrical equipment sales co., LTD

           Zhao Guobao

          Tel: 18632881949

          Address: Hengshui agent Zhao Guobao

          HebeiHuang Jingtao

          Tel: 13633291822

          Address: Xingtai agent Huang Jingtao

          HebeiLiu Renchao

          Tel: 13803173557

          Address: Gaoyang ChengKun auto parts sales co., LTD

          HebeiQian Xiaohou

          Tel: 13613375227

          Address: Qinhuangdao Qian Xiaohou

          ShanxiYang Feiping

          Tel: 13753124522

          Address: Taiyuan agent

          GansuZhou Yuwen

          Tel: 15002610931

          Address: Lanzhou agent Zhou Yuwen

          NingxiaWang Heng

          Tel: 13895693269

          Address: Yinchuan agent Wang Heng

          NingxiaLi Dan

          Tel: 13895163306

          Address: Shijiazhuang agent Li Dan

          XinjiangYang Guanghui

          Tel: 13369690065

          Address: Urumqi agent Yang Guanghui

          XinjiangShen Huidong

          Tel: 18099169975

          Address: Urumqi Shen Huidong

          XinjiangXu Jinming

          Tel: 18699191578

          Address: Urumqi Xu Jinming

          LiaoningLiu Xiaokui

          Tel: 13840581269

          Address: Shenyang agent Liu Xiaokui

          LiaoningWang Manchang

          Tel: 13019901532

          Address: Liaoyang Wang Manchang

          LiaoningSun Weidong

          Tel: 13130197766

          Address: Parts repair factory Xinsihuan vehicle Tiedong Area

          LiaoningLi Chunfeng

          Tel: 15604060607

          Address: Jingzhou agent Li Chunfeng

          LiaoningYuan Juli

          Tel: 15504996161

          Address: Jingzhou Yuan Juli

          LiaoningMa Qingwu

          Tel: 13304986896

          Address: Fuxin haizhou DEBANG fidelity bicycle supermarket

          LiaoningLi Min

          Tel: 13188508834

          Address: Huludao Limin

          JilinWang Guohong

          Tel: 17790088882

          Address: JiLin Zhan hong trade co., LTD

          JilinRong Weiming

          Tel: 13904436316

          Address: Yanbian Wenyuan QiMao co., LTD

          HeilongjiangWang hongsheng

          Tel: 13845087209

          Address: Haerbin agent Wang Hongsheng

          HeilongjiangRong Jingyu

          Tel: 13359995107

          Address: Haerbin agent Rong Jingyu

          HeilongjiangChai Jiajun

          Tel: 13766658666

          Address: Mudaijiang agent Chai Jiajun

          NeimengguHu Yanrong

          Tel: 13722119152

          Address: Huhehaote Hu Yanrong

          NeimengguGao Hui

          Tel: 15034907677

          Address: Huhehaote agent Gao Hui

          NeimengguLiu Rongchao

          Tel: 15148811666

          Address: Bayanzhuoer agent Liu Rongchao

          NeimengguYang Mingdian

          Tel: 15047298851

          Address: Bayanzhuoer Yang Mingdian